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Welcome 👋

SunChaser helps teams manage on-call more collaboratively in Slack.

It’s the missing Slack tools you’ve always wanted for PagerDuty. 💚 📟

Requirements note: Our PagerDuty integration requires an Admin base role for account authorization. If you do not have this role, please contact an Admin or Account Owner within your organization to configure the integration.

⌚ A note on dates & times: SunChaser shows all dates & times in your timezone. Please enter any date/time request in your time zone. Any time zones added to commands will be stripped out.

Install SunChaser and connect to PagerDuty

  1. Sign up for an account on SunChaser.io (via Slack authentication).
  2. Follow the prompts to add the SunChaser Slack App to your Slack workspace, and connect your PagerDuty account via 1-click integration.
  3. Choose the escalation policies you want to enable.

All done. Everyone on the team has access to SunChaser. Try /sc oncall in any channel. 😎

Note: You must have an Admin base role for PagerDuty to authorize the integration.

You must have a Slack Workspace account (& you may need to be an account admin). Please contact your Slack account administrator if you cannot add apps to your Slack workspace. For more information about installing apps, see [Slack’s help documentation](https://slack.com/help/articles/360001537467-Guide-to-apps-in-Slack#:~:text=Add apps to your workspace,submit an app request instead.).

Link a channel for shift change notifications 🤝

Link any channel to an escalation policy to get shift change notifications and to show who’s currently on-call in the channel description.

/sunchaser link-channel ESCALATION_POLICY_ID

/sunchaser escalation-policies

/sunchaser unlink-channel 

Who’s on-call

From any channel, see who’s on call for all escalation policies enabled for SunChaser via a private message.

/sunchaser oncall [DATE] [@USER]

Check your on-call schedule

View your next 5 upcoming shifts from any channel within 90 days via a private message. Check your shifts in the future by including a date.

/sunchaser my-schedule [DATE]

Request shift coverage

Need help covering all or part of a shift? Share a shift coverage request. You can optionally specify which schedule by including the schedule ID.

/sunchaser coverage [SCHEDULE_ID] START – END

/sunchaser my-schedule

Create an override

Make a one-time adjustment to a PagerDuty schedule by creating an override from any channel in Slack that SunChaser has been invited to.

/sunchaser override SCHEDULE_ID START – END @USER

/sunchaser schedules

All SunChaser commands in Slack

All commands can be entered as either /sunchaser or just /sc

/sc help
/sc oncall [DATE] [@USER]
/sc my-schedule [DATE]
/sc escalation-policies
/sc schedules
/sc link-channel ESCALATION_POLICY_ID
/sc unlink-channel (only 🤝 in a linked channel)
/sc coverage [SCHEDULE_ID] START – END  (only 🤝 in a linked channel)

If you’re new to using apps in Slack here’s a few tips:

SunChaser.io accounts

The person who initially signed up for SunChaser.io will start as the organization's owner and have access to admin tools and payment information. There can be only one owner at a time.

After the initial person signs up on SunChaser.io with their Slack Workplace, everyone from the same Slack Workspace will have access to SunChaser on Slack.

To transfer ownership, click your user icon in the upper right corner, and click Organizations. Locate the person you want to transfer the account to, and click Edit. Choose to make them an owner and click Update user. You will no longer be the owner. The new owner can link PagerDuty and manage payments).

We will be expanding admin capabilities and roles in the future.


Our pricing reflects our belief that SunChaser saves engineering teams and managers time and frustration, and teams empowered to help each other out can better address on-call pains.

SunChaser charges per rotation team. A rotation team is equivalent to an Escalation Policy in PagerDuty. Not to be confused with escalation paths or Rules (which defines who should be pinged next if a notification isn’t ack’d), or even Teams (a PagerDuty permissions & access concept only available as an add-on for Business and Digital Operations plans). Pager Duty Escalation Policies sit at the crux of schedules, rules, and systems and thus give us the best proxy for the group working together to support the on-call schedules for related systems. You can read more about PagerDuty Escalation Policies here.


To uninstall SunChaser from Slack, navigate to the application in Slack (search for it by name or find it under the Apps sidebar). Click About, and then click the Configuration button. On the Slack app directory view, choose the configuration tab and scroll down to click Remove App.

<aside> 🗣 We’d love to hear your thoughts on any of this; reach out to us here: [email protected]